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World Guide

As I previously stated in the brief description for those coming to this site, Readership of One or RoO, is a Science Fantasy Mash-Up between Superheroes (most notable are DC, Marvel and Mirage Studios/TMNT) and that of a role-playing game called Changeling the Lost. There are also other planned on elements such as Dr. Who and a myriad number of other Science Fiction and Fantasy elements I plan to incorporate.

As a result, I will either end up with something that’s really good or fails miserably.

Superheroes – I won’t bother with a guide for who these characters are. Most people should know many of them and if they don’t, there is a website called Comic Vine that can help with providing backgrounds and basic ideas of who various characters are.

Mursten City – This is where the majority of several scenes, if they don’t take place in the Border Realms, will happen. Mursten of course is from the Dutch meaning “Brick” and as this is LEGO Bricks… Brick City. But the name of Brick City has been used a lot by other LEGO artists and MOCers around the Web when blogging, showing off their creations and web comics. So I decided to get a little more creative on the name.

Plastic Tech - An advanced technoglies building and center with all the latest discoveries of Science, Medicine and Technology funded by several of the city's buisnessmen and billionaires. It is a hot spot magnet of trouble by which many plot elements will be implemented.

Changeling The Lost –

This bears some explaining as not many people are likely to be familiar with this particular role-playing game. Changeling is a game of Beautiful Madness in which you play a mortal who was taken by one of the True Fae and becomes a Changeling. Its part of White Wolf’s New World of Darkness series or NWoD as some will refer to it.

Keeping it simple for the purpose of a webcomic, the Lost or fae are creatures of magic. Also for the purpose of this webcomic and to better mesh with the other mash-ups, I’ll be lending Changeling a more Urban Fantasy feel.

Border Realms – There is an anthology book series that I love, created by Terri Windling called the Borderlands, where magic returned to the world. The place where the Realms of Faerie met with those of the Mortal World are called the Borderlands. While Changeling calls this the Hedge and it’s predecessor from the Old World of Darkness called it the Dreaming, I’ve decided to call this the Border Realms by which the madness of Readership of One will succeed or fail at doing some of the planned on mash-ups.

                         Trods - Also known as Fairy Paths, these are well worn and established pathways that cut through the Border Realms. Often a Trod will lead from one place in the Mortal Realms to another or a place within the lands of Faerie. A Trod also refers to an entrance into or out of the Border Realms.

Courts – Anytime you get a large group of people together, they are going to organize themselves. In Changeling the Lost, this organization is tied to Seasonal Courts. There’s more, but again for simplicity of the comic and lay readers, we’ll stick with these.

Autumn Court – The Seasonal Court tied to the emotions of fear and mystism.

Spring Court – The Seasonal Court tied to the emotions of desire and beauty.

Summer Court – The Seasonal Court tied to the emotions of wrath and military might.

Winter Court – The Seasonal Court tied to the emotions of sorrow and intrigue.