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1st Aug 2012, 12:00 AM


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Silver Fox 1st Aug 2012, 12:00 AM edit delete
Silver Fox
So there I am, sitting there looking at my calendar and I realize it's August 1st, also Lughnasa or Lammas. There are of course other spellings and variations of the name. This is an older Celtic Holiday when the first fruits of the harvest are collected up. Lammas, from the sources I have, say that it comes from Anglo-Saxon and medieval Christian meaning "loaf-mass" as loaves of bread would be baked from the first grains harvested and laid on church altars as an offering.

Updated August 2nd -

I woke up this morning and remembered what it was and why I was wrote this up. (That's what I get for posting stuff close to midnight on the comic, I can forget things). I've been thinking about trying to eat more healthily and getting more exercise. So it seems very big coincidence or not, that Lammas comes up so close to my thinking about possibly going Gluten Free and knowing some people who have Celiac or are Gluten Sensitive.

Luckily I don't have Celiac. And one of the things I read while thinking about this, was unless you are Gluten Sensitive and have to move to a Gluten Free diet (basically a lot of grain based foods), there's no need to jump to Gluten Free if you're being a health nut and going to jump a band wagon on a health craze.

So enjoy your bread. They do make Gluten Free bread that tastes just as good. But don't make the move unless a Physician tells you that you have to or really know for certain it's what you need to do. was a good source of where I read up on some stuff.