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Ash Wednesday
by Silver Fox

Computer Woes - Update
by Silver Fox

I did a full night's scan disk of my hard drive to find and fix errors. So I appear to have full access and functionality of my Comic Making program I use - Comic Life.

My excitment for Comic 7 had me come back in and just try to see if I could still fnish the comic... so viola... I haz it! A buffer set up is still very much so on my list of goals.

For the time being unless the hard drive does a drastic belly up, I'm still here and still with plans for a new computer to arrive so Gimpy can go to computer heaven.

Computer Woes
by Silver Fox

I regret that I am not able to get this week's comic out on time. I went and got all of the photos taken and I even got the photoshopping done too for the few special effects I have. But when I went to open up my comic program... the computer revealed that the hard drive is failing and going out on me.

I can get the problem resolved at the end of the week with a new computer, but I have no means in the mean time available to get this week out on schedule due to hardware issues.

Happy New Year!
by Silver Fox

2012 has come and I plan on continuing with regular updates and a goal for building a proper buffer so I won't have any missed weeks or updates.

There's plans too for getting Character Bios and an Encyclopedia page up.

Happy Holidays!
by Silver Fox