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Computer Woes
by Silver Fox

I regret that I am not able to get this week's comic out on time. I went and got all of the photos taken and I even got the photoshopping done too for the few special effects I have. But when I went to open up my comic program... the computer revealed that the hard drive is failing and going out on me.

I can get the problem resolved at the end of the week with a new computer, but I have no means in the mean time available to get this week out on schedule due to hardware issues.

Happy New Year!
by Silver Fox

2012 has come and I plan on continuing with regular updates and a goal for building a proper buffer so I won't have any missed weeks or updates.

There's plans too for getting Character Bios and an Encyclopedia page up.

Happy Holidays!
by Silver Fox

Happy Thanksgiving!
by Silver Fox

New Banner!
by Silver Fox

I have made a new banner for Readership of One! I started work on it earlier today, sorting out the pieces that I wanted, then building it and then taking of photo of it and all the rest that goes with the task of Banner Making. I think it is very pretty.

It wouldn't have taken so long except that my five year old hasn't been feeling well, so it was a task squeezed in between taking care of her.

The good news is I'm sure she'll be well enough for school tomorrow and it's lucky I had managed a bit of buffer with the comic strips so there was no sense of lost time. Just relax and take care of my little one.