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Face Book
by Silver Fox

I've decided to try and add a Face Book page for RoO. You should be able to find it over to the left side near the Brick Comic Network dropdown menu.

Font Changes
by Silver Fox

Going back to Comic 21 and up to Comic 25, I am starting the process of correcting and changing out the fonts on the comic so I have more readibility. At the same time I am noticing some minor grammer problems and spelling errors and catching those.

As this is a long, tedious process, I'm only going to bother with a few pages at a time.

Unusual Suspects
by Silver Fox

This page has been updated and now contains the start of the character profiles for Readership of One. It will feature primarially the Fae characters and any others who come up that aren't the results of fan fiction using.

So check it out!

by Silver Fox

I have finally added the start of a comic guide for RoO and coming soon, Unusual Suspects will be where character bios are found at for certain characters of RoO.

Comic 15
by Silver Fox

I'm rather pleased by the set build for Comic 15. I took a picture so people can see a much larger view than what is seen in the comic. I know I'm still largely amateurish compared to many other Brick Comicers and even MOCers, but I feel this is show casing quiet nicely the advancements with my skills.