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by Silver Fox

I have finally added the start of a comic guide for RoO and coming soon, Unusual Suspects will be where character bios are found at for certain characters of RoO.

Comic 15
by Silver Fox

I'm rather pleased by the set build for Comic 15. I took a picture so people can see a much larger view than what is seen in the comic. I know I'm still largely amateurish compared to many other Brick Comicers and even MOCers, but I feel this is show casing quiet nicely the advancements with my skills.

Ash Wednesday
by Silver Fox

Computer Woes - Update
by Silver Fox

I did a full night's scan disk of my hard drive to find and fix errors. So I appear to have full access and functionality of my Comic Making program I use - Comic Life.

My excitment for Comic 7 had me come back in and just try to see if I could still fnish the comic... so viola... I haz it! A buffer set up is still very much so on my list of goals.

For the time being unless the hard drive does a drastic belly up, I'm still here and still with plans for a new computer to arrive so Gimpy can go to computer heaven.

Computer Woes
by Silver Fox

I regret that I am not able to get this week's comic out on time. I went and got all of the photos taken and I even got the photoshopping done too for the few special effects I have. But when I went to open up my comic program... the computer revealed that the hard drive is failing and going out on me.

I can get the problem resolved at the end of the week with a new computer, but I have no means in the mean time available to get this week out on schedule due to hardware issues.